WOW! Another 1 Week Project has been completed…

Last week I did 1 Week of Books. I loved this project, it’s been so cold and wet here, normally I have to go outside to take photographs, but not for this project! Woo!

I’m always looking to improve my skills – and to do that, I’m picking up my camera, every, single day. I have been doing so for the past 64 Days!

The end of 1 Week of Books

Here are three photographs from my 1 Week of Books project.

Day 4/7

Cosy Reading - Day 4/7

Day 6/7

Pause - Day 6/7

Day 7/7

Reflection on my Reading - Day 7/7

My new project…

So, another week, another new project! This week I’m doing 1 Week of Cats!

I’ve done 4 days so far, check out my 1 Week of Cats category.

Little Prince - Day 1/7