Black & White Purple Tint Lightroom Preset is for processing Photography.


This Lightroom Preset will…

  1. Convert your colour photograph into black and white
  2. Add contrast to your photograph
  3. Add a Purple Tint to your photograph
  4. Enhance your black and white photograph by adding contrast & a Purple Tint

Black & White Purple Tint Lightroom Preset should be used on…

  1. Black & White Photography
  2. Photography which would look better in black and white
  3. Photography take in-doors
  4. Photography taken during any season – so long as the photograph looks good in black and white, the Lightroom Preset will only enhance it.

Black and White Purple Tint Lightroom Presets Pack contains:-

3 Black and White Lightroom Presets called:- 

  1. Original
  2. Minimal Vignette
  3. Minimal Contrast

Take a look at the images above, they speak louder than words.

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