Blue Haze Lightroom Preset is one of my favourite presets.

I use it on a lot of my photography – especially photographs taken in the snow. This Lightroom Preset has been wonderful as it processes almost all my “snow” photos perfectly.

This Lightroom Preset is ideal for:-

  1. Photographs with “almost” perfect light – your photograph may be slightly flat – this preset will “boost” it to make that little difference.
  2. Photographs which are yellow/brown and need some cooling blue to balance it.
  3. Photographs which are just need a tweak here and there to make it perfect.
  4. Photographs with snow/white frosts.
  5. Photographs which have a lot of “white” in them.

Black & White Purple Tint Lightroom Preset is on The Bell Sisters

Go to  The Bell Sisters to find this Blue Haze Lightroom Preset

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  1. faiz Ezmi
    7 January 2013 at 4:57 PM #

    like this tone