Day 318/365

You think the wheat looks golden in the day light but when it’s “The Golden Hour” It looks amazing with the sunlight coming through the wheat.

Before we went to this wheat field we had previously been to another one but the sun just was not in the right direction. But at that moment my necklace dropped off I didn’t know this at the time! It wasn’t until we were going to the next field that I found it was not on my neck.

By that point I decided to photograph the next wheat field and go back to the other one after, so back we went to find my necklace I was walking up and down the tramlines and just as I was thinking “I’ve lost it!” (Rosanna my sister, she was with me) said what I was thinking out loud I then looked to down to find my necklace was right beside her foot…. Woo!

So yeah that is today’s description 😀

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