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By Ray Hemachandra

From a closed hutch and bedside desk to cabinets, curios, and a waterfall chest of drawers, those 500 striking modern cupboards exhibit the artwork and craft of good furnishings making. those newly made works have a good time form, joinery, detailing, colour, or the sophisticated mixture of all these traits. chiefly, every bit testifies to the layout and technical abilities of its writer, and has that almost all necessary component to all mind's eye.

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Deep Till back, 1 in. thick by 41⁄4 in. wide, dovetailed to breadboard ends Till divider, 1 in. thick by 33⁄4 in. wide by 33⁄4 in. long Till bottom, in. thick by 33⁄ 8 in. wide by 821⁄4 in. long Blocking, 11⁄4 in. thick by 11⁄ 2 in. wide Groove, 3⁄4 in. wide by in. deep 3 ⁄4 Stub tenon, 3⁄4 in. thick by 3⁄ 8 in. long, runs width of top. 3⁄ 8 Breadboard end, 2 in. thick by 41⁄4 in. wide by 247⁄ 8 in. long Tenon, 3⁄4 in. thick by 3 in. wide by 11⁄ 2 in. long Elongate holes for cross-grain movement.

Wide by 547⁄ 8 in. long Pocket hole for attaching top Plywood, 3⁄4 in. thick Solid edging, 3⁄4 in. thick Upper center leg slat, 31⁄ 2 in. wide by 191⁄ 2 in. long Outer apron slat, 31⁄ 2 in. wide by 477⁄ 8 in. long Outer leg slat, 31⁄ 2 in. wide by 321⁄ 2 in. long Stretcher, same dimensions as apron Lower center leg slat, 31⁄ 2 in. wide by 6 in. long 56 wo r k be n c h e s t h at wo r k Deck screw, 3 in. long Use cut plans to make the most of your plywood If you decide to build a bench that is the same size as mine, or one that is slightly taller, use these cut plans.

Use the surface planer to bring the banding down to a final thickness of 1⁄4 in. -wide fingers at the top edge and let them fall randomly at the bottom. Drawer side Sub-fence/jig Jig 1⁄ 2 in. Key Blade height equals thickness of drawer sides plus 1⁄16 in. 50 wo r k be n c h e s t h at wo r k The ends of each piece are identical. For the first cut, butt the top edge of the workpiece against the key. Apply thin banding cut to exact width, using your fingers to align it. Dry-fit each piece first to fit the mitered ends.

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