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By Joe Jackson

Since the discharge of his first best-selling album Look Sharp in 1979, Joe Jackson has cast a unique profession in tune via his originality as a composer and his notoriously self reliant stance towards music-business type. He has additionally been a famously inner most individual, whose loss of curiosity in his personal big name has been interpreted by way of a few as aloofness. That attractiveness is shattered through A therapy for Gravity, Jackson's drastically humorous and revealing memoir of starting to be up musical, from a culturally impoverished youth in a coarse English port city to the Royal Academy of track, via London's Punk and New Wave scenes, as much as the threshold of dad stardom. Jackson describes his existence as a teenage Beethoven enthusiast; his early piano gigs for audiences of glass-throwing skinheads; and his days at the highway with long-forgotten membership bands. faraway from a standard-issue famous person autobiography, A treatment for Gravity is a brilliant, passionate publication approximately track, the inventive technique, and coming of age as an artist.

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Then he hauled the piano out into the hallway, which, unlike the hallway back at Paulsgrove, was at least heated. But the piano had to staid right up against the radiator; it was the only possible place for it. The wt,rst possible place. From then on my nerves were jangled by practicing on an instrument that never stayed in mne for more Ehm a &W days at a erne. And Dig still came grumbling and threatening to our door, often in his string vest, from which mfis of thick black chest and back hair prormded.

Reggie was delighted, and he used my performance to dlustrate a first lesson in Orchestradon, "You see," he beamed, "he & M t just bang the drums any-old-where. He waited for the right moment and didn't play too much. He played a s m d part, but you heard it! n a t ' s the secret. '" A, CURE FQR GRAVITY 33 Apart from being a great ego boost, this was one of the best music lessons I've ever had. Orchestration, or in jazz and pop parlance, arranging, is the art (to put it crudely) of deciding who in a group of musicians plays which part, and when, and how.

X t ww so unusud that it took me back to the last t h e someone had made that claim: my next-door neighbor at Meadow Walk, Bridgemary, Gosport. Den, or Ilig, hated music. Of course, he was the kind of person who would have found a reason to hate food, d ,or s u m b e . As soon as we moved in, he started compl saund &at emanated kom our house, but espeddy about my piano. My dad stuck a large sheet of Formica on the back of the piano, so there woclld be a barrier between it and the wall that separated us kom the trolls.

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