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By James Joyce

This variation is written in English. in spite of the fact that, there's a working Spanish glossary on the backside of every web page for the tougher English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are numerous variants of A Portrait of the Artist as a tender guy. This version wou

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Why is he not writing, Father Arnall? --He broke his glasses, said Father Arnall, and I exempted him from work. --Broke? What is this I hear? What is this your name is! % --Dedalus, sir. --Out here, Dedalus. Lazy little schemer. I see schemer in your face. Where did you break your glasses? Stephen stumbled into the middle of the class, blinded by fear and haste. --Where did you break your glasses? repeated the prefect of studies. --The cinder-path, sir. --Hoho! The cinder-path! cried the prefect of studies.

A traitor, an adulterer! The priests were right to abandon him. The priests were always the true friends of Ireland. --Were they, faith? said Mr Casey. % --Didn't the bishops of Ireland betray us in the time of the union when Bishop Lanigan presented an address of loyalty to the Marquess Cornwallis? Didn't the bishops and priests sell the aspirations of their country in 1829 in return for catholic emancipation? Didn't they denounce the fenian movement from the pulpit and in the confession box? And didn't they dishonour the ashes of Terence Bellew MacManus?

Heavily: pesadamente, fuertemente. high-up: pez gordo, alto cargo, de categoría, oficial importante. idle: ocioso, haraganear, perezoso, inactivo, en reposo. idler: ocioso. jesuits: jesuitas. lazy: perezoso, holgazán, vago, guapo. leapt: pret y pp de leap, bañado, brincado, saltado. letting: alquilando, dejando. loafers: gandules. mistake: error, equivocación, yerro, la falta. moustaches: los bigotes. provincial: provinciano. quick: rápido, pronto. timidly: temerosamente, temeroso, tímidamente, encogidamente, apocadamente.

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