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By Peter Heinegg

"Abrahamic faith" has lengthy been a buzzword in ecumenical discourse. it's the concept that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, regardless of their profound changes, are united of their reverence for Abraham—not simply because the progenitor of Israel, yet as a common father within the religion. Abraham's Ashes deals a forceful critique of the biblical and Qur'anic perspectives of Abraham, exhibiting how on the middle of all prophetic religions lies an untenable fantasy of suprarational magical considering "revelation." This fable comprises communiqués to a privileged male from a mysterious patriarchal God who calls for, and in relation to Jesus, truly gets the tribute of human sacrifice. This merciless tale proves to be an apt advent to the unusual, contradictory, and oppressive myth often called monotheism.

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So he had no reason to ask for more. Then too, if he hadn’t died forever somewhere between 2000 and 1500 BCE, he would have had to witness or at least hear about the horrors wreaked at his tomb in Hebron by the crazed terrorist Baruch Goldstein in 1994 (29 dead, 125 injured). Admiring fellow maniacs erected a monument to Goldstein, but it was bulldozed away. Jews have also been murdered occasionally near the Hebron site. ” So what are we to make of Abraham’s “life story,” at this early stage before we examine what grew out of it?

It’s good guys vs. bad guys: monotheism ultimately has no truck with tragedy, because people are either good or bad, the Bible doesn’t deal with tragic flaws (except, perhaps in the case of Saul), the Almighty Judge in charge of everything is never less than perfectly just, and hence his outcomes leave nothing to be desired. No appeals can filed after Doomsday. So the villainy of the Egyptians was indispensable in making the Israelites who they were (even as Christians needed the catastrophe of Jesus’ crucifixion, engineered jointly, the Gospels tell us, by Roman and Jewish leaders, to become the Church).

But the important thing, such critics argue, isn’t the number of people involved in this slave revolt, but the fact that it actually happened, in some form or other. So what if the body of water crossed was a lake full of reeds rather than a full-fledged sea? So what if there was no Cecil B. DeMille moment with towering walls of water intersected by a paved superhighway? What counts is that a group of people felt they had been liberated by a Transcendent Power, and that this liberation created their identity.

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