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By Viktor S. Kulikov, P. F. Kurchanov, V. V. Shokurov (auth.), A. N. Parshin, I. R. Shafarevich (eds.)

The first contribution of this EMS quantity with reference to advanced algebraic geometry touches upon some of the critical difficulties during this mammoth and intensely lively quarter of present learn. whereas it really is a lot too brief to supply whole assurance of this topic, it presents a succinct precis of the components it covers, whereas supplying in-depth assurance of convinced extremely important fields - a few examples of the fields taken care of in larger element are theorems of Torelli sort, K3 surfaces, edition of Hodge buildings and degenerations of algebraic varieties.
the second one half presents a quick and lucid advent to the hot paintings at the interactions among the classical quarter of the geometry of complicated algebraic curves and their Jacobian types, and partial differential equations of mathematical physics. The paper discusses the paintings of Mumford, Novikov, Krichever, and Shiota, and will be an outstanding spouse to the older classics at the topic via Mumford.

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Kurchanov 34 n Reds 2 = 2:)ai 0 Ctj + {Ji 0 {Jj), j=l while the associated form can be written as n= 1 - - Imds 2 = 2 L::>j . :.. 1\ cPj· j=l Thus, the metric ds 2 = I: cPi 0 cPi can be recovered from the associated form n = cPi 1\ cPi. Specifically, a given real (1, 1) form n = ~ L: hpq(z)dzp" azq, this defines a Hermitian metric whenever the Hermitian matrix H(z) = (hpq(z)) is positive definite. The real (1, 1) forms n = ~ 2:hpq(z)dzpl\ctzq for which the matrix H(z) = (hpq(z)) is positive definite are called positive forms.

The generalization of the concept of a vector bundle to the complex setting is the concept of a holomorphic vector bundle. Definition. A holomorphic mapping vector bundle of rank n if 1r : E -+ X is called a holomorphic 1) There exists an open cover {Ua} of the manifold X and biholomorphic mappings cPa en X Ua -+ 7r- 1 (Ua), such that the following diagram commutes: en X Ua _ _ _¢_"'_ _ _ 7r- 1 (Ua) ~/. Ua 2) The mappings ¢a are called trivializations. For every fiber Ex = 7r- 1 (x) ~en over a point X E Ua n u(3 the mapping ha(3 (X) = l/Jo: o l/J l (X) : C' -+ defined by the trivializations l/Ja and ¢f3, is a e-linear map.

Thus, J = - * d * . Since dz = 0, JZ = 0, also. Analogously, it can be shown that the operators J' and J", adjoint to and 8 are J' = -*a*, J" = - * 8*, and hence are operators of types ( -1, 0) and (0, -1), respectively. 4. The self-adjoint operator L1 = (d + J)Z = db+ Jd is called the Laplace operator (or the Laplacian). A form w is called harmonic, if it is in the kernel of the Laplacian, that is Llw = 0. It should be noted that under the usual Hermitian metric dsz = LJ=l dzj 0 azi on en, L1 = l::j= 1 ( ~ + ~) , so L1 coincides with the standard Laplace operator.

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