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By W. Jeffrey Tatum

Through studying his army and political profession, domestic lifestyles and relationships with girls, continually i'm Caesar presents a brilliant portrait of Caesar’s lifestyles and the days of historic Rome in the course of its transition from republic to empire.

  • Provides a richer portrait of Caesar’s existence by way of viewing him from a number of standpoint and referring to him to broader Roman society
  • Explores features of Caesar’s profession in cultural and social phrases
  • Engaging and witty kind will entice normal readers

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7). 35 always i am caesar Figure 7 Obverse of a denarius of 44 bc representing Caesar as Pontifex Maximus and as Parens Patriae (Father of his Country). British Museum, London, England. Photo: ©The Trustees of the British Museum. Caesar’s family was at once removed to the official residency of the high priest, the Domus Publica or People’s House, located in the forum, near the Regia (the formal offices of the pontifex maximus), and the Atrium of Vesta, the home of the Vestal Virgins – in sum, the religious and political center of the city.

For the Romans, this inclination toward deference was a source of strength. It was why, amongst other things, they made such good soldiers. Finally, then, we come to over-generalization number three: Romans were devoted to tradition, to mos maiorum, the custom of their ancestors. 23 always i am caesar For the Romans, all actions, including all innovations, must not merely defer to the manners and institutions of the past, they must actually be formulated as continuations or recoveries from the past.

The tale having been told, it is enough to observe that “his achievement was secure,” by which Balsdon means mainly Caesar’s conquest of Gaul. As to world-order, Caesar seemed ready enough to sweep aside the republic owing to its hampering uselessness, but, in the event, he mattered mostly because his career and its failures paved the way for Augustus. Similar sentiments pervade the recent and detailed view of Caesar’s life by Adrian Goldsworthy. ” Even in the Anglophone tradition, then, after the ripping yarn has been retailed and the puzzles of the evidence have been satisfactorily solved, when it comes time to take in the larger picture, it is usually regarded as a good thing that the outmoded practices of the republic gave way under Caesar’s pressure to the orderliness of the empire.

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