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8 In the peace negotiations in Ghent to end the War of 1812, the British sought to set aside the upper Ohio River valley as an independent Indian territory. ”9 Ironically, as President a dozen years later, Adams would seek in vain to protect the Cherokee and other Indians of the Southeast from similar white population pressures. Efforts to protect Indian territory in Canada experienced similar pressures by 1830, when white settlement was increasing rapidly and the Indians were becoming economically marginal and had lost their strategic importance.

They are content as before to live in the same slovenly manner . . ”30 The problem, however, was not with the schools but with the conditions to which a graduate returned: reserves in which there was no individual land ownership and thus no opportunity to set up as an independent farmer and become “a full member of colonial society” like his white neighbors; the solution would be to distribute the commonly held land. This would in effect be to dissolve the tribes and treat Indians as individuals like any others.

In response to his appeals, Wheelock was funded by provincial assemblies, New England churches, and mission-oriented organizations in England and Scotland. The actual impact upon the education of Indians, however, did not live up to the promises made during the fund-raising campaigns in England and Scotland. 33 Making Christians ● 27 Some New England missionary efforts extended into the adjoining province of New York, where the five nations of the Iroquois were poised, in the eighteenth century, to provide crucial support to either the French or the British in the struggle for control of the Great Lakes region and the fur trade.

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