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By Evanthia Tsitsibakou-Vasalos

The possibility of historic Greek poetic etymologizing and its reception in antiquity are analyzed with new interpretive versions. the writer reports poetic etymology in a holistic and integrative demeanour, as a device of thematic and narrative unification. opt for passages from Homer and archaic lyric poetry give you the matrix for etymological styles; their validity is tested in an intertextual learn of the names of Pelops and his family. This relatives indicates a constant naming process: the signifiers and signifieds of its male contributors show up a lexical and semantic affinity; fathers and sons are associated with inherited linguistic and behavioral bonds. Pelops is given a focal place because of his preeminence at Olympia and his polyvalent and polysemous identify, within which the ambiguities and polarities of his mythic and cultic identification are embedded.

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5. 785), disguised as Stentor who is renowned for his strong and loud voice; she also gives Xanthus, Achilles' horse, human voice ( 1 8. EVO£ fOtLV f]

BT n. 20. 1 52b; Apollod. of Athens 244 F95 Macr. Sat. I . 1 7 . 1 6-20. On the medical capacity and derivation of AnoUwv (anEAavvovm 'tu£ v6oou£): Macr. Sat. I . 17. 14. On Apollo "als Heil- und Sillmegott": Nilsson 1967: 538-44. 83 = Epexegesis and Analysis of words 39 The natural outcome of the above-mentioned analysis of compound words and the insistence on their individual components is the creation of a series of concatenated cognates. In parenthesis, it is worth noting here the typological and functional specificities of clustering.

8? The epexegeses can be shal­ low, centering on insignificant and inconsequential persons or things, but they can also be crucial for the uncoiling of the story. To the former belongs, for instance, the explanatory remark made of Bathycles, the son of Chalkon, who was con­ spicuous among the Myrmidons for his riches and happiness (ll. 16. 594-96); the obscure and fictive person thus acquires a pinch of individuality. The most re­ nowned instances of the latter category are located in the proems of the Iliad and the Odyssey, which supply the hypotheses or the programs of the two poems, in­ troducing the names and the fundamental features of their protagonists.

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