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By Rev. F. De P. Castells A.K.C.

An interpretation of the symbolism of the Masonic resort.

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The way the Degrees dovetail into each other is truly admirable. At each successive stage the Candidate seems to be well satisfied with what he sees and hears, and if we did not warn him that there are other Degrees in Freemasonry he probably would not expect anything more. M. and Companion, as the case may be. But we may note that the Candidate is also granted anticipations of better things bringing 31 him into touch with later stages. For the moment he may be pleased with the dim outline and the half-truths by which his mind is being prepared, but eventually he discovers the true nature of those foreshadowings, and his horizon is enlarged.

A. , the Porch; the lefthand Pillar; the Pedestal: the Border, which 50 he takes to be the edge of the wonderful Pavement; and the Blazing Star. The last two are described as mere " Ornaments," although he will soon find that they are so much more than ornaments. , the Second Pillar, and a certain Winding Staircase which leads to a mysterious " Middle Chamber," where, according to a report from Craftsmen who have been there, a Sacred Symbol has been discovered, the nature of which is not fully defined anywhere.

15, they are said to be "eighteen cubits high apiece," the Chronicler (giving us the idea of a later period) asserts that they were "thirty-five cubits high," which is double. The Chronicler was animated with the spirit of Ezekiel, which was to magnify the glory of Israel. This, then, affords reasonable ground for thinking that the height of the Porch (derived 59 from the author of Chronicles, which was written later than the Book of Kings) has also been doubled, and that the actual height was therefore 60 cubits, and not 120.

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