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By Fritz Graf

Publish yr note: First released in 2000

Fritz Graf right here provides a survey of a god as soon as considered the main robust of gods, and in a position to nice wrath should still he be crossed: Apollo the sunlight god.

From his first attestations in Homer, throughout the advanced query of pre-Homeric Apollo, to the competition among Apollo and Dionysos in 19th and twentieth-century considering, Graf examines Greek faith and fable to supply a whole account of Apollo within the historic world.

For scholars of Greek faith and tradition, of fable and legend, and within the fields of paintings and literature, Apollo will offer an informative and enlightening advent to this robust determine from the previous.

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The same seems to be true of two priests of the city of Troy, Dares the priest of Hephaestus (Il. ) and Laogonos priest of Idaean Zeus (Il. 604): they belong to the city’s nobility, and their sons fight and die in the battle against the Greek invaders. The two priests of Apollo seem to be of a different ilk altogether – more imposing, closer to their god, and entirely devoted to him. Maron, grandson of a god, is living in the sacred grove, a professional dedicated to his service; Chryses has served his god long enough to have thatched the roof of his temple several times.

This is an unusual word; the common Greek term is hiereús, a word that designates the specialist for “working the sacred,” as chalkeús, the “blacksmith,” is a specialist in “working bronze” (chalkós). Apollo, the god of oracles, is a god of the powerful utterance, and a god whose oracular cult relies on specialized priests that devote their life to the service of the god, as we shall see presently. In his prayer, Chryses addresses his god as Smintheus and as lord not only of Chryse, but of Killa and Tenedos as well.

6. 299), and there is Maron, the priest of Apollo in Thracian Ismaros who is living “in the sacred grove rich with trees,” and who gave Odysseus the wine that would be instrumental to his escape from the Cyclops Polyphemus (Od. ); Maron, after all, is said to be the grandson of Dionysus (Hesiod, Fragment 238), and wine is indispensable for any Greek sacrifice. Theano, the wife of a leading Trojan nobleman, Antenor, is a typical city priestess, a member of the local aristocracy whom the citizens elected to her office; the office needs as much social consensus and dignity as special knowledge.

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