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By J. E. Esslemont

First a disclaimer. i don't proportion Baha'u'llah's imaginative and prescient for humanity. particularly it's not that i am completely certain that harmony of the human race is inevitably fascinating and i'm lovely convinced that uniformity in language and faith will be a foul factor. in its place i believe adjustments have to be revered. as a substitute I learn this e-book simply because whilst i used to be a baby we had a few kin associates who have been Baha'is from Iran (this was once in the course of Utah).

This ebook offers first an summary of the historical past of the Baha'i religion. the most figures listed below are lined. It describes the spiritual persecution the teams confronted in Persia and Turkey, and it presents a heritage for realizing the social context for the start of that religion.

The moment a part of the ebook is an outline of Baha'i teachings. It comprises attitudes in the direction of prayer, vitamin, future health, marriage, divorce, and so on. it is a very huge assessment and does not cross into an excessive amount of detail.

On the complete, i feel it is a reliable ebook for somebody to learn who desires to research extra concerning the Baha'i religion even if one is of the same opinion with it.

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