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By Takako Samejima

Seventy one incredible jewellery tasks requiring in simple terms the fundamentals beading skills.|Jewelry artist Takako Samejima focuses on bead jewellery, and has been operating with beads considering the fact that she was once a baby. Her designs, which mix differing types, shapes, and sizes of beads, have gained popularity of their good looks and originality. BEAD FANTASIES good points over seventy of her most unique and awesome designs together with necklaces, bracelets, earrings, jewelry, brooches, hair adorns, mobile phone straps and eyeglass chains.
Each layout contains exact directions for developing the jewellery, supplemented through small colour images and distinct colour drawings. For the beginner, BEAD FANTASIES additionally comprises descriptions of the beads used to make the jewellery, beading provides, and a few classes overlaying uncomplicated bead-stringing, weaving and completing ideas.

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