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By Julia Pretl

There's no different ebook out there that provides broadcollar tasks for beaders-a conventional form.Julia S. Pretl, writer of Little Bead packing containers and Bead Knitted luggage, has created a set of beaded neckpieces, encouraged through broadcollars, the dramatic jewellery worn through the traditional Egyptians and a widely known shape between beadworkers. She has tailored the normal form-a wide, beaded necklace-to create ten unique designs for the trendy beadworker, with ability degrees starting from newbie to extra advanced.With step by step illustrations and easy-to-follow styles, Julia leads the reader throughout the suggestions for developing the stitched "ladder? -the easy unit that's mixed and joined in quite a few how one can create all the distinctive designs. She additionally teaches readers find out how to construct a custom-sized template, select a colour palette, and create ornamental fringe, layers, pendants, and netting so as to add the of entirety. The introductory chapters current the elemental beading and meeting concepts, illustrated with transparent, digitally rendered, and color-coded drawings. Four-color images of every of the ten designs and 10 aspect pictures illustrate each one venture.

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