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By Francesca Lia Block

Two darkly magical Weetzie Bat tales concerning the look for self from Francesca Lia Block: Missing Angel Juan and Baby Be-Bop.

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Oh well for secrets. All of a sudden I wish he was real. I wish he was my real grandfather or even my almost-grandfather but alive with his heart beating and sending warmth through his body—warmth that would turn into hugs and those plays he wrote. I wish he could pick me up and hold me. I’d smell coffee and cigarettes on his collar. We’d eat hot cinnamon-raisin bagels together and walk all over the city. I’d play my drums for him. He’d make everything okay. ” I ask. ” 56 missing angel juan “They’d get a kick out of you.

Sort of silly but also sad, like whoever is whistling wants to stop but can’t or like a circus clown with a smile painted on. I stop on the third floor and knock. A gray-haired slinkster man answers. He is one of the men in the tweed coats I saw on the street. ” “Witch Baby! Come in. Weetzie has been calling all day to see if you’ve arrived. ” The little warm apartment is covered—floor, walls, ceiling—in faded Persian pomegranatecourtyard-garden carpets. There are lots of velvety loungy couches and chairs that make me feel like curling up like Tiki-Tee does in the bend of my knees, lots of overstuffed tapestry pillows and book38 missing angel juan shelves stuffed with old leather books.

It feels good to squeeze the tubes of paint. Smell the stinkster turpentine. Vixanne sits down next to me. I want to paint a picture of Angel Juan. As big as life. A boy that will never leave. “I like to be alone,” Vixanne says. “I’ve started painting. ” I listen to the sound of her voice and feel all the twilight purple eyes watching me while my hand moves by itself in the shadowy room. Maybe hours go by. “I look things right in the eye now. That’s the best way. Right in the eye and without anything to make it easier,” says Vixanne.

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