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By Helga Hilmisdottir, Jacek Kozlowski

This identify features a publication and a pair of CDs. A small volcanic island simply south of the Arctic Circle, lceland is a spot of fierce ordinary attractiveness and warmly hospitable humans. Glaciers and fjords punctuate the beach whereas geysers, waterfalls and sizzling springs dot the inner, harnessed by way of Icelanders to supply geothermal and hydropower power. The island itself consists essentially of basalt, or cooled lava. Icelandic keeps historical features that this present day were misplaced by way of such a lot Western ecu languages. A North Germanic language with regards to Faroese, it really is grammatically similar to Latin or old Greek, yet is so much heavily associated with previous Norse. Written Icelandic has replaced little or no because the thirteenth century. Icelanders take the upkeep in their language very heavily, and are immensely pleased with the truth that the 800-year previous sagas can nonetheless be learn this day. "Beginner's Icelandic" includes 14 classes established to aid the scholar tourist achieve ease and familiarity with this noble language. The dialogues keep on with a number of useful occasions corresponding to purchasing, transportation, discussing the elements, consuming in eating places, and renting a motor vehicle or a room, whereas development at the grammar, vocabulary and words discovered in past routines. The audio CDs keep on with the dialogues at the web page, in order that the scholar merits from seeing the script whereas concurrently listening to the pronunciation. A word list of phrases and colloquialisms rounds out this striking advent to a distinct language.

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Hér er til dæmis íslenskur ostui og hangikjöt. Jeremy: Hrafnhildur: Gunnar: Jeremy: Hrafnhildur: Hangikjöt? Hvað er það? Hangikjöt er reykt lambakjöt. Það er mjög gott! Smakkaðu! Mmm. Já, þetta er mjög gott. Þetta er lika alveg rosalega gott brauð. Já, ég fór í bakarí í morgun. Það er alveg nýtt. Jeremy: En hvað er þetta? Hrafnhildur: Þetta er skyr. Jeremy: Hvað er skyr? Hrafnhildur: Skyr er líka séríslenskur réttur. Það er kannski svipað ogjógúrt. Gunnar: Já, þú verður að smakka skyr. Það er líka mjög gott.

Mmm hvað þetta er gott! Þetta er alveg ágætt. 39 No thanks. ). ). This is very good! Mmm this is very good! This is quite good. Gender of nouns Icelandic has three genders: masculine (hann he), feminine (hún she) and neuter (það it). Each noun has only one gender, and the gender never changes. The noun ostur cheese, for example, is always masculine. It is very important to know the gender of nouns, as the different genders have dif­ ferent inflectional endings, such as the plural ending, definite articles, and case inflections, all of which we will learn later.

Blaðamaður: Og hvernig líkar þér? Jeremy: Mér líkar mjög vel hérna. Blaðamaður: Hvar ertu fæddur? Jeremy: Ég er fæddur og uppalinn í New York. Blaðamaður: Hvernig er að búa í New York? Jeremy: Bara frábært. New York er mjög stór borg og þar er alltaf eitthvað að gerast. Blaðamaður: Hvernig manneskja ertu? Jeremy: Ég er bara venjulegur strákur, alltaf hress og kátur. Blaðamaður: Ertu hamingjusamur? Jeremy: Já, svo sannarlega! Samtal 2 Blaðamaður: En hvað heitir þú? Jennifer: Ég heiti Jennifer Blaðamaður: Hvaðan ertu?

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