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By Joao Carlos Martins, Leonel Augusto Sousa

This ebook presents a valid mathematical and technical viewpoint in practical and structural retina types, offers overview metrics to evaluate these types, and offers insights in regards to the versions implementation. It starts by means of introducing the retina anatomy and its workings in an in depth method appropriate for an engineering viewers, whereas supplying the mathematical research of the retina neural reaction. furthermore, it explores and establishes a framework for the comparability of retina types by means of organizing a collection of metrics for checking out and comparing different versions. The e-book follows a sign processing standpoint, the place all types and metrics are discretized on the way to be applied and established in a electronic method, reminiscent of a working laptop or computer or a really expert devoted equipment. Contents: advent to Bioelectronic imaginative and prescient; The Human visible process; Characterization of the Neural reaction; Retina types; Neural job Metrics and types evaluation; layout and Implementation of Bioelectronic imaginative and prescient platforms.

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3 identify the class of visual neuroprosthesis targeted in the CORTIVIS project. 5. List the main components of a bioelectronic vision system and the main electronic components associated with visual neuroprostheses. Comment on the main challenges for the implementation of these prostheses. 6. 1. 7. Identify the main advantages of the penetrating microelectrodes, such as the Utah Microelectrode Array, compared to the surface electrodes used, for example, by Dobelle. 8. Enumerate the two main approaches used to develop retina models, referring to their main differences.

2006)]. The effort to provide some kind of vision to the profoundly blind already has some history [Rizzo III and Wyatt (1997)]. The first permanent device developed and applied for chronic stimulation of neural tissue was accomplished in 1968 [Brindley and Lewin (1968)]. Although it was observed that the electrical stimulation of the occipital lobe of the human cortex causes a subject to perceive phosphenes, it was also concluded that current injection can produce short term and long term complications [Agnew and McCreery (1990)].

There are several types of ions involved in the transmission of the action potential along a neuron’s axon. The propagation of electric signals due October 22, 2008 24 15:59 World Scientific Book - 9in x 6in BioElectronicVision˙MartinsSousa Bioelectronic Vision: Retina Models, Evaluation Metrics, and System Design Synapse Dendrites Synaptic vesicles Neurotransmitter Synapse (axoaxonic) Receptor Axonal terminal Synapse cleft Soma Synapse (axosomatic) Myelin sheath Axon hillock Nucleus Node of Ranvier Propagating Action Potential Axon Synapse (axodendritic) Dendrites Fig.

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