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By Werner Nachtigall, Alfred Wisser

Bionics ability studying from the character for the improvement of expertise. The technological know-how of "bionics" itself is classed into numerous sections, from fabrics and buildings over methods and procedures until eventually evolution and optimization. now not these kind of components, or just a couple of, are fairly identified within the public and in addition in clinical literature. This contains the Lotus-effect, switched over to the contamination-reduction of fassades and the shark-shed-effect, switched over to the resistance-reduction of airplanes. in spite of the fact that, there are thousands of hugely fascinating examples that include the transformation of ideas of the character into know-how. From the big variety of those examples, 250 have been chosen for the current booklet in keeping with "prehistory", "early-history", "classic" and "modern time". such a lot examples are new. each instance incorporates a published web page in a homogeneous association. The examples from the sector "modern time" are joint in blocks comparable to the sub-disciplines of bionics.

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LITERATUR: Nachtigall, W. (1966): Die Kinematik der Schlagflügelbewegungen von Dipteren. Methodische und analytische Grundlagen zur Biophysik des Insektenflugs. Z. Vergl. Physiol. 52, 155-211. Nachtigall, W. (2003): Insektenflug. Springer. 44 Classic Bionics and the handling of complex systems A B Only relatively late, one discovered nature strategies as models for the management of complex systems in economy. BIOLOGY: Biological systems are almost always extraordinarily complex whether one looks at processes in a single cell, the interaction of organs and their subsystems in an organism or ecological systems, like for example an edge of the forest (A).

The flat plate was not attacked by parallel flow but under an angle of attack unequally zero (flow inclination; A). A drag-optimum, that is a certain configuration of least-possible drag, is also to be expected here. However, this can be no more the flat plate, because it must offer the flow a favourable phased-in part and phased-out part. RESULT: After further 200 mutations, the hinge plate had configured to an approximated sigmoid form. In this form, the phased-in part and phased-out part are now lined up approximately flow-parallel.

Meanwhile, one can pull out from plastic-films closely-set long tops that show a certain, but by far not yet practicable adhesion-effect. G. Winkler therefore has followed just another way and used with his climbing system "Gekkomat" suction-disks which allow windows cleaners to climb up at vertical glasssurfaces. LITERATUR: Autumn, K. et al. (2000): Adhesive force of a single gecko foot-hair. Nature 405, 681–685. ; Scherge, M. (2001): Biological micro- and nanotribology. Natureʼs solutions. Springer, Berlin.

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