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By Sree Padma Holt, A. w. Barber

Explores the significance of Buddhism because it built within the Krishna River Valley of Andhra (modern-day Andhra Pradesh) and its effect.

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55). This particular reference is similar in substance to the inscriptional evidence regarding how some rulers like Mahåråja Kåkichi were ordained into the Buddhist sangha. 49. ), xxxv, p. 40: A fragmentary pillar inscription from Amaravati reveals that it is a part of an inscribed pillar of Aßoka; it contains a reference that would seem to attest to the antiquity of Buddhism in Amaravati as early as the third century BCE. 50. Corpus Inscription Indicarum 1: 66ff. I. 35, p. 40 Rock Edict XIII mentions Andhras as followers of Aßoka’s dharma.

While the Yajur Veda mentions the ≈ryans using them [burial mounds], the tribal peoples of middle India still today preserve the practise and numerous cremation burials covered by mounds in Baluchistan and along the northwest frontier fall under this category. ” 56. S. Nagaraju, “Buddhist Stupas,” in V. V. , Archaeology of Andhra Pradesh (Hyderabad: Dept. of Archaeology and Museums, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, 1987), p. 23. 57. E. Siva Nagi Reddy, vol. II, p. 230. 58. B. S. Rajendra Babu, pp. 25 and 29.

This last point does not ignore the fact that monks often accompanied traders in their far-flung voyages to regions of Southeast Asia and beyond where trade and Buddhism were also to flourish hand-in-hand. Finally, with reference to the question of what was responsible for the relative demise of Buddhism in Andhra that I raised at the outset perhaps we can only ponder basic questions and speculate. Did the Buddhists outdo themselves in remaking the religion to make it congenial for so many of the masses?

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