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By Edward Conze

This distinct anthology of Buddhist scriptures lines the advance of Buddhism during the a while and all over the world. Designed to serve students and scholars alike, this vintage textual content has turn into a necessary source for Buddhists and all those that desire to probe for themselves the unique assets of 1 of the world's nice religions. obtainable and jargon-free, those translations from the unique Pali, Sanskrit, chinese language, Tibetan, and jap are awarded in undeniable English via 4 best specialists at the language and literature of Buddhism, whereas a thesaurus of international phrases completes a completely accomplished and undying creation to the subject.

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And why? " "In the same way, headman, my monks and nuns are like the excellent field. It is to these that I teach Dhamma that is lovely at the beginning, lovely in the middle and lovely at the ending, with the spirit and the letter, and to whom I make known the Brahma-faring completely fulfilled, utterly pure. And why? It is these that dwell with me for light, me for shelter, me for stronghold, me for refuge. "Then my men and women lay followers are like the mediocre field. To these too I teach Dhamma ...

The king was wroth, thinking: "My queen died on account of a peacock ", and he had it inscribed on a golden tablet which he placed in a golden casket that: "There is a golden mountain called Dandaka in the The Teaching of the Elders Himalayan region. " After he had died, another king, on coming to the throne, heard tell of the golden tablet; and thinking: "I will be unageing, undying", he sent out another hunter. But he too, being unable to catch the Bodhisatta after he had got there, died there.

1 87. MA. iv. 115, VbhA. , the course or practIce. 4 panyattI. VbhA 432 says that whUe learnmg lasts the DISpensatIon lasts (or stands firm). s lmga Cf. Mlln. 133-134. tu. 7 These four puntIes refer to the morallty that consists of I. Restraint or Control m regard to the Panmokkha (rules of conduct for monks and nuns), 2. Restraint or Control of the sense-organs, 3. Purity of livehhood; 4. Morallty in regard to the four requisites (robe-material, alxnsfood, lodgmgs and mechcmes for the sick). Jika offences (four for monks, eight for nuns) constItute the first and most Important class of offence.

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