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By Reinhard F. Hüttl, K. Bellmann

This quantity summarises the results of an interdisciplinary study programme entitled `Rehabilitation of the ambience of the hot States of Germany - results on Terrestrial Ecosystems'. prior to the unification of Germany, emission a great deal of SO2 and dirt debris have been as much as 18-fold larger in East than in West Germany. even though, emission charges have reduced considerably considering the fact that reunification in 1990, as a result of breakdown of a giant variety of commercial and especially lignite- fired powerplants and the implementation of fresh air applied sciences. that allows you to research the results of those dramatic alterations in atmospheric chemistry on terrestrial ecosystems, accomplished box reports have been performed in pine woodland ecosystems alongside an old gradient of atmospheric deposition premiums within the northeastern lowlands of Germany. the short and dramatic aid of dirt particle and SO2 emissions bargains a distinct chance to check the position of SO2 and alkaline particle deposition with reference to alterations or harm to wooded area ecosystems and even if the wooded area stands go back to a nation of resilience. during this recognize, this environment test might be regarded upon as a roof test with out a roof.

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The through fall rates were calculated according to Schulz et al. (1997). 5 =some needles with 5-10 mm necrotic tips, 4 =all needles with 5- 10 mm necrotic tips. Needle necroses for each class were summed so that mean values are based on totals of 15 twigs per test site. 1. 39 Analytical procedures Total sulphur (S) and organic sulphur (Sorg) The total S content of needles and soils was determined using a Smat-SSOO sulphur analyser (Strohlein, Germany) by combustion of a 100 mg sample in an oxygen stream by 13S0°C and subsequent IR-detection of the released S02' For calibration a coal standard (1IIS% S) from the National Institute of Standards and Technology was used.

Gluch, Halle, as well as the technical assistance of Mrs A. Musebeck and Mrs R. Riedelsheimer (both ZALF-Institute of Forest Ecology, Eberswalde) are gratefully acknowledged. References Bergmann W. 1993. Ernahrungsstorungen bei Kulturpflanzen, 3rd ed. Fischer, 835 p. Dijkshoorn W, van Wijk AL. 1967 The sulphur requirements of plants as evidenced by the sulphurnitrogen ratio in the organic matter - a review of published data. Plant Soil. 26,129-157. Ende H-P. 1991. Wirkungen von Mineraldiinger in Buchen- und Fichtenbestanden des Grundgebirgs-Schwarzwaldes.

Glutathione Frozen pine needles were pulverized in liquid nitrogen using a micro dismembrator (Braun, Melsungen, Germany). 1 mollL HCI and I mmollL EDTA at 4°C. 1 ml 3 mmollL DTT at ambient temperature for 1 h. 495 ml of this mixture was derivatized with 20 ml 15 mmollL monobromobimane at ambient temperature in the dark for 15 min. The determination of the fluorescence derivatives were carried out using HPLC according to Hartling and Schulz (1995). 7 g of the pulverized needles were extracted (cutter rod ION, Ultra Turrax T 25, IKA-Labortechnik, Staufen, Germany) for 1 min in 7 ml 4% (w /w) sulfosalicylic acid.

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