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By I-Ching, Latika Lahiri

Translation of the 7th century textual content Kao-Seng-Chuan (Biographies of Eminent clergymen) by means of the well known chinese language monk student I-Ching (A.D. 614-613). It includes biographies of fifty-six clergymen. one of the chinese language pilgrim-monk-scholars, who visited India.

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Prof. Chavannea placed “ (Ho*Iing) on the Western Pari of Java &nd according to R. C. Mtzumdar it is in Central Java. Sc< C. P. Filtgcrald, Tht Suithern Bepmsian Chmu Ptoplr、 Second Map (at the back). 2. The Indian name of Malayu is Suvar^adv中a , Dr. R. C. Maziundar, in bis work bearing (he tiile $uvar^advip«, shows tibat it was the general term for Sumatra, Java and other inlands of the Eastern Archipelago. 25 P re /M to rcaeh Mid-India. Accordingly, he boarded a cat^o vessel carrying heavy merchandise.

Chingt Snddharmapu^4^^a Stara According to the Record of Hsuan-Ghuang. According to the legends, the Buddha lived bi one of these cavcs and unolhcT was occupied by his disciple Ananda. Mar» taking the form of a vulture &(>peored before Ananda and tried to disturb tva meditatioa. When Fa-bsi«n visited this place, he says that the foot prints o f the vulture were stall vbible. 4. Vcnuvana (Bamboo-grovc) at K^jagrha, modem R&j^ir,Lat. 20* 2 'N, Long. , was one of the favourite resorts of (he Buddha.

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