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Embarking at the first scientific rotation in a clinic is a frightening event for clinicians, as textbook wisdom doesn't unavoidably correlate with the knowledge that's priceless ''''in the trenches'''' on the hospital.Whether you're a nurse tending to a important venous line or an intern placing that line, Code Blue is an critical addition on your arsenal of emergency care wisdom. positioned this guide in Read more...

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This should be done with the needle under constant, gentle aspiration until pleural fluid is encountered. • Withdraw the 22-gauge needle. • Attach a 10 ml syringe to the 18-gauge needle and insert it into the pleural space in the same manner as for the 22-gauge needle (Fig. 10-4). • Once pleural fluid is encountered, stabilize the needle shaft on the skin with one hand and remove the syringe with the other hand. • Immediately cover the needle head with a finger to prevent air from entering. Fig.

POSTPROCEDURE CHECK The patient should receive cardiac monitoring. See Appendix C for additional helpful information. 10_Jandial-r6_039-044:Layout 1 8/2/12 3:22 PM Page 39 10 THORACENTESIS A 61-year-old female smoker with a right pulmonary nodule presents with dyspnea and orthopnea. A chest radiograph reveals opacification of the right costophrenic recess. INDICATIONS • Pleural effusion leading to dyspnea (Fig. 10-1) • Diagnostic removal of pleural fluid to determine cause of pleural effusion A B Fig.

A B Fig. 9-1 Chest CT scan (A) and chest radiograph (B) showing pericardial effusion. 35 09_Jandial-r5_033-038:Layout 1 36 8/2/12 3:24 PM Page 36 Cardiothoracic INDICATIONS • To obtain pericardial fluid for laboratory evaluation • To relieve cardiac tamponade (cardiac compression by fluid within the pericardial sac). 10 blade scalpel 30 ml syringe Alligator connector 16- or 18-gauge spinal needle (3 inches long) ECG monitor 2-0 nylon suture POSITIONING • Supine, with the head of the bed elevated 30 degrees above horizontal (Fig.

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