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_ . 00) J12. 2. Application to coding for discrete memoryless sources. 1. Consider theorem 2. ::{l, ... l}insteadof k k with the usual meaning of the notations. 59') (2. 59' 1) ii) Y' ;. E(~ (L) E. e. ) is the usual product probability of the sequence p2 ln) L -length Y. • In other words, probable sequences of length L (L) E • is the set of the most p whose overall probability is 1 - PCl The I (L) U -measure of a set E c 0. is proportion (L) al to the number J E (IJ of elements in E. (~' is equivalent to finding the minimum of IE{IJ I· The proportionality coefficient is Now eq.

12) Eq. 12) sets a lower bound on the codeword length, and if it is satisfied, a one-one correspondence between Source sequences and codewords is granted, which makes it possible (if transmission errors have no effect) to recover the information emitted by the Source with zero error probability. Seen from Shannon Theorem 34 this viewpoint, fixed length techniques are not very attractive, since the lower bound of eq. 12) is rather poor. Actually much more can be done: it is possible to substantially decrease the lower bound on N , while keeping the error probability, Pe , arbitrarily close to zero.

1, 2 ) is the product distribution , then 0 n (2. 36) Now we are in a position to state the following two pro>positions: Proposition 2. ;n). al"1 t y · · f y t h e 1nequ sat1s (n) ( ~1-) I (p1 II p2 (n) ) an n-th sample. -divergence computed on the basis of 45 n-length Samples (2. 37) (n) while the samples in E2 occur with probability less than 1j being , and "rl arbitrary positive numbers. t; Proof; This proposition is a direct consequence of the weak f1 law of large numbers. Actually if is true, the quantity (2.

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