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This publication investigates collisions taking place within the movement of solids, within the movement of fluids but in addition within the movement of pedestrians in crowds. The length of those provided collisions is brief in comparison to the complete period of the movement: they're assumed instant. The cutting edge idea established during this publication is approach made from solids, is deformable simply because their relative place adjustments. The definition of the velocities of deformation of the process brought within the classical advancements of mechanics, the main of the digital paintings and the legislation of thermodynamics, permits a wide range of functions equivalent to crowd motions, particles circulate motions, and form reminiscence alloys motions. The set of the purposes is even better: social sciences and mechanics are unified to foretell the movement of crowds with software to move administration and to evacuation of theaters management.

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3 The Constitutive Laws The constitutive laws are defined with a pseudo-potential of dissipation Φ(D(U ), δT ) (R intd , − Q 21 − Q 12 ) ∈ ∂Φ(D(U ), δT ). 4 An Example Let consider two balls connected by an elastic string with length l. 49) where x1 (t) and x2 (t) are the positions of the two balls, is a state quantity. When the gap |g| between the two balls is lower than l, there is no interaction between the two balls. 1) in the Appendix. 52) giving the nondissipative force R intnd (E) = dΨ (g) = ksgn(g)(pp{|g| − l}).

77). Examples are given in following section. Let us note that a pseudo-potential of dissipation is a dissipation function but the converse is not true. The presentation of the predictive theory of the motion of a point above a plane is achieved. It remains to identify the constitutive laws with experiments giving hints to choose either a pseudo-potential of dissipation or a function of dissipations. 8 Examples of Collisions with Internal Forces Defined with a Pseudo-potential of Dissipation In these examples, we decouple the collision normal to the plane phenomena from the tangential phenomena.

117) the ball transfixes the sheet of paper with velocity UN+ = m−k − k0 + U , m+k m+k N UN− < UN+ ≤ 0. 119) The ball is still falling but it is slowed down when getting through the sheet of paper, (Fig. 2). This idea has been used by to predict avalanches of rocks in mountain forests. The trees can be broken by the falling rocks, [11]. 11 Quasi-static collision. If we neglect the inertia effects. 120) 0 = m [U] = −Pint + Pext . 121) I+ (UN+ ) + ΦN ( N 2 we have 0 ∈ ∂I+ (UN+ ) + ∂ΦN ( UN+ + UN− ).

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