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Cult and Koinon in Hellenistic Thessaly examines the territorial enlargement of the Thessalian League ca. 196-27 BCE and the improvement of the nation faith of the League. person chapters hint the adoption of a typical Thessalian calendar via new contributors of the League, the institution of latest local gala's, the elaboration or reorganization of older cults, and League participation in a community of overseas fairs; cult may perhaps both good enact choices to this political association, even though, and older spiritual traditions persevered to be maintained either inside of new League territories and particularly at Delphi. the result's a clean portrait of the politics of cult at the Greek mainland within the later Hellenistic interval.

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Later epigraphic evidence suggests that, in addition to his interventions into the politics of individual cities, Flamininus was equally occupied with those of the koinon. An inscription from Narthakion in perioikic Achaia Phthiotis dated to ca. , , l. –, trans. Sherk: σοι μ ν|τον μ κεκομισμ νοι ε σ ν τ ν πιβαλλ ντων α το ς, | ν μ ς διδ ξωσιν κα φα νωνται ε γν μονα λ |γοντες στοχαιομ νων μ ν κ τ ν π’ μο γεγραμ|μ νων γκρ σεων, κρ νω δ καιον ε ναι ποκα ιστασ| αι α το ς. , , l. b–, trans.

70 Macedonian control over tetradic Thessaly and the Thessalian perioikoi grew steadily more secure over the course of the third century, assisted above all by the successful foundation of Demetrias in the s, but as the events of – revealed, when much of tetradic Thessaly and Phthiotic Achaia revolted from Macedonia with Aitolian assistance, such control was always sharply contested, both from within Thessaly and from without. The immediate consequences of this rule for tetradic Thessaly and the former perioikoi are difficult to seek.

93 Polyb. –. Cf. Liv. –. Neither Polybius nor Livy discusses the motivation for the changed status of Achaia Phthiotis. The Lokrians and Phokians had also both technically been freed by the Isthmia declaration only to be subsequently incorporated into the Aitolian League (Polyb. ). 94 In a memorable passage Livy well sums up the situation in , as Flamininus was withdrawing Roman forces from Thessaly: ‘[he] continued his journey to Thessaly, where there were the states (civitates) not only to be set free, but also to be brought into some reasonable condition of order after all the chaos and confusion.

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