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By King James VI and I

The e-book has no illustrations or index. dealers are entitled to a unfastened trial club within the basic Books membership the place they could make a choice from greater than 1000000 books for free of charge. topics: Demonology; Magic; Witchcraft;

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EPI. Yea, not a haire the lesse of my conclusion. For they are not that capable of reason as to practice such thinges. And for any being in company and not reveiling thereof, their lesse and ignorant age willno doubt excuse them. PHI. I see ye condemne them all that are of the counsell of such craftes. EPI. No doubt, for as I said, speaking of Magie, the consulters,trusters in, over-seers, interteiners or sturrers up of these craftes-folkes, are equallie guiltie with themselves that are the practicers.

CHAP. IIII. ARGU. The description of the Damoniackes & possessed. By what reason the Papistes may have power to cure them. PHILOMATHES. Wel, I have told you now all my doubts, and ye have satisfied me therein, concerning the first of these two kindes of spirites that ye have conjoyned. Now I am to inquire onely two thinges at you concerning the last kinde, I meane the Daemoniackes. The first is, whereby shal these possessed folks be discerned fra them that are trubled with a natural Phrensie or Manie.

As well I do in that, as I did in all the rest of my discourse. For because the ground of this conference of ours, proceeded of your speering at me at our meeting, if there was such a thing as Witches or spirites: And if they had any power: I therefore have framed my whole discours, only to prove that such things are and may be, by such number of examples as I show to be possible by reason: & keepes me from dipping any further in playing the part of a Dictionarie, to tell what ever I have read or harde in that purpose, which both would exceede fayth, and, and rather would seeme to teach such unlawfull artes, nor to disallow and condemne them, as it is the duetie of all Christians to do.

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