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This unique and perceptive research attracts out the relevance of Jacques Derrida's considered deconstruction, différance and the reward for Karl Barth's Church Dogmatics. those are rather vital for apprehending Barth's doctrine of salvation, that is the actual concentration of this e-book. Derrida's insights also are proven to light up the way Barth speaks of complicated occasions resembling revelation which can't be thematised via rational notion. this important interpretation of Karl Barth exhibits his affinity with postmodern suggestion. it is going to be of curiosity to people who are learning the connection among theology and postmodernism, really the advanced borders among the thematisable and non-thematisable.

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Apart from his being schooled in this tradition, his writings are systematically laid out following the conventional pattern of doctrinal writing in the C. D. and his earlier Gottingen Dogmatics. For example, the plan of the C. D. shows how he works systematically through the doctrines of God, Creation and Reconciliation. Jenson 76 draws attention to the confusion in understanding Barth's standing in theology when he notes that even at the height of his fame in the 1950s, there were those from the evangelical wing of Christian churches who had the impression that his thought was a conservative reaction to "modernism".

139 Ibid. 51 11. The Particular Focus of Barth's Doctrine of Salvation The particular focus of my study is Barth's doctrine of salvation. This doctrine has met with controversy because Barth proposed a theology of salvation which insists that God acted in human history in His own time. The implication here is that eternity enters human time in its own container. This notion is preposterous to the tradition of thought that has come down from Kant, Hegel and the philosophers and theologians influenced by their thought.

Barth fully accepts Schleiermacher's concept of religion, as Jenson says, in the sense that both attempt to unify and make overall sense of human life. The difference between Schleiermacher and Barth is that Barth reversed Schleiermacher's system: instead of interpreting Christianity by the general characteristics and functions of religion, he interprets religion by Christianity's differentiating specificity. hid. 72 WririnJ; and Difference, op. , p. 251. 396. , op. 29. 35 There can be no doubt, therefore, that Barth and Derrida are trying to say a similar thing.

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