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By Geoffrey Pridham, Tatu Vanhanen

This ebook is an try to take on the matter of democratization in East-Central Europe from quite a few theoretical views. Its participants examine the method of switch inside a comparative framework, discussing the emergence of multi-party and new electoral structures, evaluating democratic transition in different components of the realm with that of japanese Europe and analysing that region's dating with the Soviet Union. Democratization in japanese Europe should be indespensable to upper-level scholars of East ecu Politics, and also will be helpful for people with extra comparative and theoretical pursuits.

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The answer of the technocrats in authoritarian clothes that an ‘opening up’ could be confined to one level proved to be myopic. Indeed, one could go so far as to say that liberalization is probably doomed to failure or is at best only a transitory solution, although that may need to be qualified by the timing—for a belated or reluctant liberalization is especially likely to have this result. What significance did these differences have for the Southern European transitions? Firstly, the matter of pre-authoritarian democratic experience was pertinent in helping to determine the resumption of democratic life and in providing a historical reference for political actors and organizations.

This may be called conveniently the ‘pre-transition’ phase in which the dictatorship’s weaknesses become malignant, and it begins to disintegrate and the course is set for eventual regime change. In particular, we are concerned here with the causes of authoritarian regimes ‘opening up’ and subsequently breaking down. Such change may arise from developments like military defeat, basic economic failure, socio-economic transformation and the disintegration of the dominant coalition between elite groups supporting the regime (Morlino 1987:74).

Finally, we are concerned with the outcomes of transition in the sense of different versions of liberal democracy. g. responsible government, political pluralism, subordination of the military to civilian authority; but at the same time there must be room for institutional and structural variation. The most obvious versions are parliamentary and (semi-)presidential systems and liberal democracies which are centralized or federal. But, the key to a successful transition is a qualitative change occurring in 22 Political change in perspective political dynamics that sets the course for the end of transition and encourages the prospects for democratic consolidation.

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