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By Thomas Bustamante, Bernardo Gonçalves Fernandes

This quantity significantly discusses the connection among democracy and constitutionalism. It does so for you to reply to objections raised through criminal and political philosophers who're sceptical of judicial assessment in keeping with the idea that judicial overview is an undemocratic establishment. The e-book builds on previous literature at the ethical justification of the authority of constitutional courts, and at the present makes an attempt to strengthen a process on “weak judicial review”. even if diverse of their method, the chapters all concentrate on devising associations, techniques and, in a extra summary method, normative conceptions to democratize constitutional legislations. those democratizing concepts may possibly range from an intensive objection to the establishment of judicial overview, to a extra modest inspiration to justify the authority of constitutional courts of their “deliberative functionality” or to create constitutional juries that could be extra conscious of a community’s constitutional morality than constitutional courts are. The booklet connects summary theoretical discussions concerning the ethical justification of constitutionalism with concrete difficulties, corresponding to the relation among constitutional adjudication and deliberative democracy, the legitimacy of judicial assessment in foreign associations, the necessity to create new associations to democratize constitutionalism, the connections among philosophical conceptions and constitutional practices, the judicial evaluation of constitutional amendments, and the feedback on robust judicial review.

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These explanations are important here because I will hold that any explanation available for the nature of the authority of constitutional courts has significant implications for the legitimacy of these institutions. In the third part, on the other hand, I focus on the justification 3 On the Difficulty to Ground the Authority of Constitutional Courts: Can Strong… 31 of legal authority and on the important task of providing the grounds for the legitimacy of judicial review. 2) comments on the procedural theories that criticize this thesis and attempts to provide an egalitarian justification of ‘democratic authority’.

Besides, as some philosophers have pointed out, the issue is, largely, an empirical one. It needs to be examined, on the basis of historical evidence, whether CJR has done a good job of protecting the rights of vulnerable minorities in society, or not. 23 But, again, I will not go into this here. My argument in this paper is not meant to provide an overall assessment of the arguments for and against constitutional judicial review. It is only meant to suggest that the 22 You might think that the infamous Lochner era is a counter-example.

14 The answer is tricky: of course that in an obvious technical sense, RJR denies this right; you don’t get your day in court, the randomizing computer is doing the work for you. But the real question is whether the relevant parties to constitutional litigation have the kind of right that is claimed to be violated here. I would not want to deny that in countless types of cases, generally speaking, the right to have one’s day in court is a very important one. Surely we could not imagine a fair and sensible system of criminal and private law without due process and full implementation of the right to hearing.

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