Download Dermatoscopy of Non-Pigmented Skin Tumors : Pink - Think - by Iris Zalaudek, Giuseppe Argenziano, Jason Giacomel PDF

By Iris Zalaudek, Giuseppe Argenziano, Jason Giacomel

Even though many epidermis lesions are pigmented, Dermatoscopy of Non-pigmented dermis Tumors: purple - imagine - Blink addresses non-pigmented lesions, that could be tougher to diagnose. It discusses dermatoscopy not just as a competent software for analysis, but in addition for the tracking of remedy results following topical therapy.The scientific prognosis of non-pigmented pores and skin lesions is without doubt one of the such a lot demanding in the  Read more...

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The latter may contain a linear–irregular vessels. , crown vessels) that never cross the center. Grade II actinic keratosis (AK) shows a so-called strawberry pattern consisting of a background erythema that is intermingled with targetoid white- to yellow-appearing hair follicular openings of different sizes. The hallmarks of superficial basal cell carcinoma are pink to pink-white structureless areas associated with multiple small erosions. KEY FEATURES Some skin tumors reveal specific patterns.

Strawberry” pattern Red structureless pattern interrupted by follicular openings and white circles Erythema located between keratotic hair follicles. These features form a strawberrylike pattern, typically seen in facial AK. “Spoke-wheel” pigmentation Central clod with radial lines Radial projections, usually tan in color, which meet at an often darker central axis (“hub”). Highly specific for pigmented BCC. | Source: Reprinted in part from Dermatologic Clinics, 31, Giacomel J, Zalaudek I, Pink lesions, 649–78, Copyright 2013, with permission from Elsevier.

J Am Acad Dermatol 2010; 63(3): 361–74; quiz 375–6. 2. Zalaudek I, Kreusch J, Giacomel J, Ferrara G, Catricalà C, Argenziano G. How to diagnose non-pigmented skin tumors: A review 42 of vascular structures seen with dermoscopy: Part II. Nonmelanocytic skin tumors. J Am Acad Dermatol 2010; 63(3): 377–86; quiz 387–8. 3. Menzies SW, Kreusch J, Byth K et al. Dermoscopic evaluation of amelanotic and hypomelanotic melanoma. Arch Dermatol 2008; 144(9): 1120–7. 4. Giacomel J, Zalaudek I. Pink lesions. Dermatol Clin 2013; 31(4): 649–78.

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