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An unequivocal endorsement of an assertive and resolute method of overseas coverage via democracies of their dealings with dictatorships. Drawing at the political writings of Kant, the reason of Churchill's anti-appeasement coverage, and the main up to date empirical examine in diplomacy, the writer forges a rigorous decision-theoretic version to account for the foreign interactions among despotic and democratic regimes. The model's validity is illustrated throughout a large variety of old examples, whereas its policy-oriented implications, are proven to have far-reaching outcomes for traditional perceptions of democratic deterrence posture and the protection dilemma.

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I) Distribution of relative power amongst the various actors The existence of structural anarchy as a durable steady state condition of the international system implies, ipso facto, the absence of hegemony. e. it could overcome any coalition of other states) it then could impose its own order on the system, thus transforming the system from an anarchical system to a hierarchical one, headed by the hegemonic state as its supreme authority. Why it would do so is explained below with reference to the second assumption relating to the nature of the states' objective function Thus the specification of anarchy (as the negation ofhierarchy) as a durable steady state condition of the international system implies the existence of a global balance of power (in which, for every state in the system, there is some coalition more powerful than itself), or at least - as a special limiting case of such an invincible coalition - a global balance of terror in which there are at least two states with enough power to destroy the entire system.

Consequently, in characterizing both the analogues of the international system and of the different intranational regimes, whose operating environment this system constitutes, I shall Setting out the Conceptual Foundations 27 adhere to this principle of restricting the range of variables exclusively to power-related properties. Before investigating the relationship between domestic structure and international behaviour, it is necessary to define the essential distinction between the structure of an intranational political system and international political system.

Democracy and dictatorship. 1. The ideal-type regimes will be designed around a single set of five properties, which I shall call the parameters of the regime. Each such parameter will refer to an aspect of the structure of power within the regime, its distribution, mode of dispensation and/ or preservation. Each parameter will be specified such that it may assume discernibly (but not necessarily quantifiably) different degrees of intensity. l Element Microeconomic model Political model Objective function Maximum utility, or Maximum expected utility Maximum likelihood of continued tenure of power Constraint on unlimited pursuit of objective function Budget or technology Social Con tract Variance in decision-making environments Competitive or monopolistic markets Democratic or dictatorial regimes Specifying the Ideal-types and Assembling the Model 45 meters generate a range of possible regime types.

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