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By Andrew Redden

Redden makes use of a multidisciplinary method of examine the transcultural phenomenon of the satan in early sleek Peru. He demonstrates that the interplay among the Christian and the Andean worlds used to be way more advanced than any interpretation that posits a transparent dichotomy among conversion and resistance might recommend. The examine analyses historic assets akin to missionary letters, inquisitorial trials, and chronicles written through commentators from the 16th and 17th centuries; it additionally attracts on theology, ritual and liturgy, in addition to literature, paintings, ethnography and anthropology with a view to test a portrait of a communal society that shaped an essential component of the Hispanic global among the 16th and the eighteenth centuries.

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The Battlefield and Lucifer’s Strategy The central importance of the Augustinian notion of the City of God now needs to be tested against the more practical realities of the Andean context. One obvious way of gauging the relative successes of the evangelizing efforts was to consider the devil’s response to the process. Commonly, Satan’s strategies seemed characteristic of a weaker combatant, one who was intent on hindering the ultimate onslaught rather than pushing for all out defeat of his enemy.

Although Saint Augustine wrote against the Manichees condemning the deification of Satan, in his later writings against the Pelagians, which included The City of God, Satan’s power over man, and the individual’s helplessness and inability to avoid damnation should God decide not to intervene, became once more apparent: ‘Hence from the misuse of free will there started a chain of disasters: mankind is led from that original perversion, a kind of corruption at the root, right up to the second death, which has no end.

79 Cities of God Besieged 33 The foundation of towns and cities in the viceroyalty and the gathering of Indians in urban reductions was an intrinsic part of the process of Christianization and the battle against Satan. These were the bastions from which forays and expeditions into the interior would be led, gradually seizing increasing amounts of territory from the hordes of Lucifer. These were the beacons of Christian civilization from which the light of Christ would radiate outwards to illuminate the pagan barbarians and from which Satan could only turn his face and flee into the ever-diminishing darkness.

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