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This is often the 1st finished Dictionary to hide the terminology of this speedily turning out to be box. With this new source, scholars and execs can achieve quick entry to brief, understandable definitions - in non-specialist language - of over 4000 phrases drawn from a number of non-psychological assets, with insurance of key parts in scientific drugs, psychiatry and neuroscience in addition to professional components of psychology reminiscent of ethology, studying thought and psychophysics.

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The term CHOLINERGIC is used to describe a neuron that contains acetylcholine. The synaptic (see SYNAPSE) action of ACh is mediated by muscarinic and NICOTINIC ACETYLCHOLINE RECEPTORS, and unbound ACh is inactivated by ACETYLOCHLINESTERASE. ACh is used as a transmitter by all somatic MOTOR NEURONS as well as a subpopulation of autonomic neurons. Main cholinergic cell groups in the brain include neurons in the BASAL FOREBRAIN projecting to the CORTEX, neurons in the MESOPONTINE tegmentum innervating the THALAMUS and BRAINSTEM, and the large interneurons in the striatum.

Menlo Park CA. (1999) Biology, 5th edn, AddisonWesley: adenovirus A complex type of VIRUS with a double strand of DNA. See also: gene transfer in the CNS Entries A-Z 29 adenylate cyclase An enzyme found in many cells in the nervous system that converts the energy substrate molecule ADENOSINE TRIPHOSPHATE (ATP) to CYCLIC AMP (see SECOND MESSENGERS). Also known as adenylyl cyclase, it alters the phosphate groups on the ATP and requires the cofactor magnesium (Mg2+). It is a critical part of the intracellular biochemical signalling mechanisms in many neurons.

Also known as adenylyl cyclase, it alters the phosphate groups on the ATP and requires the cofactor magnesium (Mg2+). It is a critical part of the intracellular biochemical signalling mechanisms in many neurons.

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