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Absolutely revised and up-to-date, the 6th variation of this well known dictionary is the suitable reference source for college students of chemistry, both in highschool or in university. the hot variation positive factors greater than 4,300 entries, together with hundreds of thousands of latest phrases. The Dictionary covers all points of chemistry--from actual chemistry to biochemistry--including issues similar to metallurgy, fabrics technology, forensic technological know-how, and geology. There also are biographical entries on key figures within the box. The publication has unmarried or double-page function articles on vital issues equivalent to polymers and crystal defects, and chronologies that chart the most discoveries in such fields as atomic idea, biochemistry, explosives, and plastics. the recent variation additionally good points net hyperlinks accessed through a spouse web site, that includes additional info that's on a regular basis up to date to make sure that it remains clean. the quantity concludes with 9 appendices, together with the periodic desk, SI devices, the chemical components, Nobel prizewinners, and helpful web content.

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G. ornithine and citrulline, which are intermediates in the urea cycle. Plants and many microorganisms can synthesize amino acids from simple inorganic compounds, but animals rely on adequate supplies in their diet. The *essential amino acids must be present in the diet whereas others can be manufactured from them. A • Information about IUPAC nomenclature amino acid racemization (AAR) A dating technique used in archaeology based on the relative amounts of the optical isomers of an amino acid in a sample.

Most metals form amalgams (iron and platinum are exceptions), which may be liquid or solid. Some contain deÜnite intermetallic compounds, such as NaHg2. amatol A high explosive consisting of a mixture of ammonium nitrate and trinitrotoluene. ambident Describing a chemical species that has two alternative reactive centres such that reaction at one centre stops or inhibits reaction at the other. An example is the *enolate ion in which electrophilic attack can occur at either the oxygen atom or at the beta-carbon atom.

Aniline See phenylamine. anilinium ion The ion C6H5NH3+, derived from *phenylamine. a animal charcoal a 38 animal charcoal See charcoal. ment applied to a metal to soften it, relieve internal stresses and instabilities, and make it easier to work or machine. It consists of heating the metal to a speciÜed temperature for a speciÜed time, both of which depend on the metal involved, and then allowing it to cool slowly. It is applied to both ferrous and nonferrous metals and a similar process can be applied to other materials, such as glass.

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