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This absolutely up-to-date version bargains over 11,000 entries, every one supplying transparent, updated assurance of expert nursing phrases together with illnesses, indicators, anatomy, tools, universal medications and organic phrases. It covers either daily vocabulary when it comes to sufferer care and phrases from scientific specialisations akin to psychiatry.It presents the consumer with an entire advisor to the vocabulary more likely to be encountered via nurses (and different health and wellbeing care pros) of their day by day paintings.

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Compare multipolar neu| rone, unipolar neurone birth /b θ/ noun the act of being born birth canal / b θ kə n l/ noun the uterus, birth birth canal | vagina and vulva birth control / b θ kən trəυl/ noun same as birth control | contraception birth control pill birth control pill / b θ kən trəυl pil/ noun same as oral contraceptive birthing chair / b θiŋ tʃeə/ noun a special chair in which a woman sits to give birth birthing pool / b θiŋ pu l/ noun a special large bath in which pregnant women can relax before and when giving birth birthmark / b θmɑ k/ noun an unusual coloured or raised area on the skin which someone has from birth.

Behaviour /bi heivjə/ noun a way of acting ć Beer’s knife behaviour | His behaviour was very aggressive. ] Bell’s palsy Bell’s palsy / belz pɔ lzi/ noun paralysis of the facial nerve on one side of the face, preventing one eye being closed. Also called facial paralysis [Described 1821. After Sir Charles Bell (1774–1842), Scottish surgeon. He ran anatomy schools, first in Edinburgh and then in London. ] belly belly / beli/ noun 1. same as abdomen 2. the fatter central part of a muscle Bence Jones protein / bens d əυnz prəυti n/ noun a protein found in the urine of people who have myelomatosis, lymphoma, leukaemia and some other cancers [Described 1848.

Abbreviation BPH benign tumour /bə nain tju mə/ noun a bends Benedict’s solution | Benedict’s test benign | benign growth | benign pancreatic disease | | | benign prostatic hypertrophy | | | benign tumour | tumour which will not grow again or spread to other parts of the body if it is removed surgically, but which can be fatal if not treated. Also called benign growth. Opposite malignant tumour Bennett’s fracture / benits fr ktʃə/ noun a fracture of the first metacarpal, the bone between the thumb and the wrist [Described 1886.

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