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By Vardit Rispler-Chaim (auth.)

The e-book analyzes attitudes to individuals with a number of disabilities in line with Muslim jurists’ works (fiqh) within the center a while and the fashionable era.

In the Islamic felony literature individuals with disabilities are pointed out sporadically, and sometimes inside of large subject matters akin to non secular tasks, jihad, marriage, etc., yet seldom as a subject matter via its personal correct. little or no has been written thus far on individuals with disabilities in a normal Islamic context, less in connection with Islamic legislation. this can be the innovation of the book.

The major contribution of Disabilities in Islamic legislations is that it makes a speciality of individuals with disabilities and depicts where and standing that Islamic legislations has assigned to them, in addition to how the legislation envisions their participation in spiritual, social, and communal life.

All in all, the legislation relating individuals with disabilities show a truly complex social outlook, to pass judgement on from the concerns and arguments of the Muslim jurists.

Scholars of Islamic legislations, drugs and ethics, Islamic experiences, sociology, social paintings, and legislation, and an individual drawn to comparative study of individuals with disabilities in numerous cultures and religions, will locate an abundance of priceless info within the book.

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Qur’an 23, 9–11 reads, “… And who pay heed to their prayers. These are the heirs who will inherit Paradise. There they will abide”. Qur’an 2, 45 reads, “Seek help in patience and prayer; and truly it is hard save for the humble- minded” (Pickthall). The number of the daily prayers (services) required by the Sunna is five, while the Qur’an speaks of prayers in the plural, but specifically names in 2, 238 only an “intermediate prayer” (al-salat al-wusta). “Be guardians of your prayers, and of the midmost prayer”.

As for health, one may omit going to the mosque if the effort to get there may jeopardize one’s health, or when one is taking care of a sick relative, who might otherwise die. 160 In a recent fatwa issued by the present Sheikh al-Azhar, Dr. Muhammad Sayyid Tantawi, he adopted a suggestion by the Egyptian Organization to Overcome Disability. During the Friday sermon (khutba) in the mosques, an interpreter in sign language (ishara) should sign the content of the khutba and the meaning of the Qur’anic verses for the benefit of the deaf and the dumb.

Shi‘i jurists conclude that if the majnun recovers during a day in Ramadan, he is exempt from fasting the rest of that day. 213 If a person who owed qada’ dies before having fulfilled the missing fast days, even though he was able to do it, his heirs should feed the poor in his stead (yut‘am ‘anhu). Malik, however, claimed that no person can fast in place of another, and so did al-Shafi‘i. A few jurists maintained that the owed qada’ is like a debt against the bequest of the deceased and it must be paid off like any other debt.

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