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The nursery rhyme starts, "In fourteen hundred and 92, Columbus sailed the sea blue." much less recognized is the road that follows: "…to research if the previous maps have been true." How can there be "old maps" of a land nobody knew existed? have been others the following earlier than Columbus? What have been their purposes for coming and what unexplained artifacts did they depart in the back of? The oceans have been highways to the United States instead of limitations, and whilst discoverers placed ashore, they have been greeted by way of strange population. In gaining knowledge of the Mysteries of old the US, the writer of The Atlantis Encyclopedia turns his sextant in the direction of this hemisphere. here's a choice of the main arguable articles chosen from seventy problems with the notorious historical American journal. they vary from the invention of Roman relics in Arizona and California's chinese language treasure, to Viking rune-stones in Minnesota and Oklahoma and the mysterious religions of historic american citizens. Many questions should be raised together with: What function did extraterrestrials have within the lives of historic civilizations? What historic pyramids and towers let us know concerning the those who equipped them? Are they a few type of portals to a different size? What prehistoric applied sciences were came across, and what can they let us know approximately early settlers, their spiritual ideals, and attainable other-worldly viewers? Did El Dorado exist, and what of the mythical Fountain of stripling? was once Atlantis in Cuba? What are America’s misplaced races and what occurred to them? studying the Mysteries of old the USA brings to the fore the once-hidden precise prior of America’s earliest civilizations

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What we obtain? It turns out that this procedure does not lead to the contradiction with ancient evidences of ancient texts. We suggest to the reader to take the books of Fomenko [1],[24], where you can find the details. Here we demonstrate only one, but remarkable example. 4. Do we interpret ancient texts in a proper way? Problem of vowels restoration. faced the fact of enormous and even startling importance. The thing is that the Jewish written language originally had neither vowels nor signs replacing them.

Our simple and natural conjecture is as follows: in the old English story about conquest of Britain acts Brutus - the contemporary of Julius Caesar. As we saw, this conjecture is supported by ancient documents, although they do not call directly Brutus as friend or enemy of Caesar. Indeed, all chronicles state that AT FIRST Britain was conquered by Julius Caesar. Some interesting details are reported. 5). ) ships. After the battle the local army of natives were defeated and Romans founded the new kingdom.

Kings or emperors which ruled simultaneously). D. (310-year period). These two dynastic streams coincide after 120-year chronological shift. 3) Dynastic stream of Byzantine emperors from 830 to 1143 also duplicates the same English dynastic history of 1040-1327. It is quite natural because Byzantine history has it's own duplicates inside it. In particular, Byzantine history of 830-1143 duplicates Byzantine history of 1143-1453. For details see [1],[24]. 4) The ends of time intervals from English history duplicating Byzantine history coincide with the break points in English history which we pointed out earlier.

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