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The larger areas may be excised and skin grafts put on. The hairs can be removed by electrolysis, and after their removal there is often some diminution of the FIG. —Nsevus verrucosus. pigment. I have recently had remarkable success in the treatment of extensive pigmented moles by solid carbon dioxide. The stick of the dioxide is pressed firmly on the area for forty seconds. A moderately severe reaction with the formation of bullae results, and the hair comes out and the pigmentation disappears.

Strict antiseptic precautions must, of course, be employed in this as in all operations. After treatment the patch is covered with fine gauze and collodion. Repeated treatments may be required in deep naevi, but many cases are cured at one sitting. It is always better to do too little than too much at one time, because sloughing may occur, and this causes scarring. Lewis Jones's multipolar apparatus is often used in the treatment of naevi of large size. In the rare cases of widespread cavernous angioma a combination of excision with galvanic cauterisation may be employed, and if the cautery is used after incision to puncture the naevoid tissue and the parts are closed by fine sutures, extensive naevi, for instance of the lips, may be removed with remarkably little scarring.

43 angiomata may be removed by excision or destroyed by electrolysis. EEFERENCE. " SIR MALCOLM MORRTS. International Atlas of Kare Skin Diseases, Fasc. 1. CONGENITAL AFFECTIONS OF THE APPENDAGES OF THE SKIN. Congenital Affections of the Hair· In the albino the hair is fine and devoid of pigment (vide p. 30). Congenital alopecia may be universal or partial. Complete absence of the hair is very rare. I have had four eases, two in one family. The scalp and eyebrows are completely bald, and the eyelashes few in number and non-pigmented.

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