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By Lisa Maitland de Hernandez

Want to know how you can speak in Spanish in the course of emergency occasions regardless of realizing in simple terms English? EMERGENCIA! Emergency Translation handbook is a language reference for English conversing scientific caregivers who have to converse successfully with Spanish audio system in emergency occasions. Translations of a wide range of clinical emergencies comprise phonetic pronunciations of phrases and words and appropriate questions that require merely "yes" or "no" solutions. Diagrams of the human physique classified in Spanish and pages of regularly occurring phrases and words extra facilitate conversation and eventually quicken reaction time.

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Ore-ahs] ¿Minutos? [me-new-toes] ¿Tomó demasiado? [toe-moe deh-mas-see ah-doe] ¿Comió? [coe-me-oh] ¿Cuando comió? [kwahn-doe coe-me-oh] Desayuno Almuerzo Cena [deh-sigh-ooh-no] [al-mwhere-so] [say-nah] Diabetes Did you eat... Too much? Not enough? Did you exercise too much? Diabetes ¿Comió... ¿Demasiado? ¿Bastante? ¿Hace demasiado ejercicio? [coe-me-oh] [deh-mah-see-ah-doe] [bah-stahn-tay] [ah-say deh-mah-seeah-doe eh-hair- seesee-oh] When did the ____ ¿Cuando empezó [kwahn-doe ehm-peh-so start?

Have you used it? Minutes? Hours? Do you take other medicine for asthma? Where is it? Show me. Get it. Have you used it? Minutes? Hours? Do you have a cough? Do you have chest pain? Does it hurt to take a deep breath? Do you have a fever? Do you have nausea or vomitng? ¿Tiene asma? [tee-eh-nay as-mah] 23 ¿Usa un inhalador? [ooh-sah oon een-ha-lahdoor] ¿Donde está? [don-day es-tah] Muéstreme. [mweh-stray-may] Consíguelo. [con-see-gay-low] ¿Lo usó? [low ooh-sew] ¿Minutos? [me-knew-toes] ¿Horas? [ore-ahs] ¿Toma otra [toe-mah oh-trah may-deemedicina para see-nah pah-rah as-mah] asma?

Gar-gan-tah] Take a deep breath Respire profundo. [reh-spee-ray pro-foondoe] Breath. Respire. [reh-spee-ray] Cough. Tos. [tose] Do you smoke? ¿Fuma? [foo-mah] Do you have ¿Tiene enfisema? [tee-eh-nay ehn-fee-sayemphysema? ] Do you have ¿Tiene alergias? [tee-eh-nay ah-lare-heeallergies? ahs] Asthma Asma [As-mah] Do you have asthma? Do you use an inhaler? Where is it? Show me. Get it. Have you used it? Minutes? Hours? Do you take other medicine for asthma? Where is it? Show me. Get it. Have you used it?

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