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By Nicholas Bernhardt Zeman

"Preface past due at evening, 1997, in a few little one-bedroom condominium on Lexington street, in Lexington, Kentucky, I put in my first actual 3D software program on my self-built HP home windows ninety five notebook. It had sixty four megabytes of RAM and an Intel Pentium 32 gigahertz processor. Caligari Truespace used to be an historic VRML (Virtual truth Markup Language) authoring software program that I had downloaded at no cost. It was once my very first Read more...

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Like the real world, it changes how “big” something is, or how much “space” is between the components that make up that space. Scale can occur on the local or global coordinate system, and scale can occur in a non-­uniform manner; that is, you can scale independently on the X-, Y-, or Z-­a xis, both locally and globally. The default or “zero” value for scale is 1. Changing scale values to less than 1 makes it smaller, and larger than 1 makes it bigger. This refers to percentage, and a value of 1 equals 100%.

The points inherit the movement of the transform. Rotation happens in degrees—0 for the initial point and 360 for the point at which it has rotated once, but is in that same position. 9 A cube showing the planes of rotation. 10 The world and the object are lined up. two types of rotation calculations in 3D graphics: Euler and Quaternion. Euler (pronounced “oiler”) separates the rotation into three channels: x, y, and z. Quaternion is a different system, but we are going to be working strictly in Euler for the sake of this book (and Euler is the more common system for animation).

Eyeballing is really a bad way of doing this because it takes longer to get right and ultimately lacks a lot of precision. Precision is something important in all 3D, regardless of whether you are working in games, film, or engineering. We all want to be creative, but the trick is to organize your scenes and 3D objects in such a way as to facilitate that creativity. If you do not align things and snap things, your scene is likely to be a mess and cause problems down the road with rendering and other calculations.

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