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By Trevor Kelley, Leslie Simon

What is emo? For starters it is a kind of melodic, confessional, or EMOtional punk rock. yet emo is greater than a style of music–it's the defining counterculture circulation of the '00s. each person HURTS is a reference booklet for emo, tracing its angsty roots all of the means from Shakespeare to Holden Caufield to modern most well-liked bands.

there is not anything new approximately that excellent chocolate and peanut butter combination––teenagers and angst. what's new is that emo is the 1st cultural move born on the web. With the improvement of early social networking websites like Make Out membership (whose challenge is to unite ''like–minded nerds, loners, indie rockers, checklist creditors, video players, hardcore children, and artists via friendship, track, and infrequently even love'') outcast children had a spot to discover one another and percentage their discomfort, their reviews, and in particular, their music–which wasn't on hand on the market on the neighborhood checklist store.

Authors Leslie Simon and Trevor Kelley lead the reader throughout the global of emo together with its ideology, song, and style, in addition to its impacts on movie, tv, and literature. With a hearty dose of snark and sarcasm, everyone HURTS makes use of diagrams, illustrations, timelines, and step–by–step directions to aid the reader effectively in achieving the final word emo way of life. Or, alternately, train him to identify an emo child around the mall for you to mock him mercilessly.

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Often decked out in Abercrombie & Fitch or an oversized hooded sweatshirt bearing their universities’ names, your run-of-the-mill frat emo fans can be easily spotted at the next show you attend based on the fact that they will either (a) be there with a traditionally “hot” girl or (b) look extremely bored when the band veers into a song off their first record. ON THEIR i POD Ideology Taking Back Sunday Yellowcard The All-American Rejects Jimmy Eat World <2 4 > GOTH EMO E ve r y b o d y H u r t s Known for gravitating toward the “darker sides of life” despite the fact that they’re always hanging out in front of Starbucks, emo goths are the easiest to spot of this bunch.

Yeah, we didn’t think so. E = MO 2 • More convenient (and less exhausting) than lugging your entire CD collection around with you = +500 emo points • Your dad and tenth-grade history teacher both own one = −75 emo points • The Muse song “Sunburn” scored an iPod commercial = +100 emo points • They are super-expensive and there is a new model every six months, which, essentially, makes your current model obsolete = −200 emo points TOTAL = +325 emo points RULING = EMO Ideology <3 8 > RED BULL ENERGY DRINK Whether you drink yours straight from the can or prefer it with vodka, Red Bull is more emo than Jake Gyllenhaal at a Bright Eyes concert.

Unfortunately, emo girls should stay away from any pants not made of denim. Acceptable: Indigo-worn or faded wash; black jeans. Not Acceptable: Flared; bell-bottoms; anything with the words loose and fit in the description. SHOES: While, yes, true emo girls recognize the importance of canvas footwear—like Converse, Vans, and Draven—they are also aware that sometimes a girl wants to look like, well, a girl, and for that, there are many options. If you need a little lift, try kitten heels. They’ll make your calves look fierce and add just the right amount of height so you can see over vertically challenged dudes at the Dashboard Confessional concert.

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