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By Kostas Terzidis

With the elevated use of desktops, structure has came upon itself in the course of a plethora of attainable makes use of. This publication combines theoretical enquiry with useful implementation supplying a distinct point of view at the use of desktops on the topic of architectureal shape and layout. Notions of exaggeration, hybrid, kinetic, algorithmic, fold and deform are tested from various issues of view: old, mathematical, philosophical or serious. Generously illustrated, this ebook is a resource of concept for college students and execs.

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If we imagine the input as a sequence of overlapping phrases, the algorithm divides each phrase into two parts, a multi-word prefix and a single suffix word that follows the prefix. A Markov chain algorithm emits output phrases by randomly choosing the suffix that follows the prefix, according to the statistics of the original text. Chapter 3 Kinetic Form Kinetic is a term used to describe a situation related to, or produced by, motion. Motion is the act or process of changing position or place over time.

Stephen Bann, New York: New York Graphic Society, 1968. J. ) Kinetic Art: Theory and Practice, Selections from the Journal Leonardo, New York: Dover, 1974. 3 On the one hand Zeno can argue that the sum 1/2+1/4+1/8+…never actually reaches 1, but more perplexing to the human mind is the attempt to sum 1/2+1/4+1/8+…backwards. Before traversing a unit distance we must get to the middle, but before getting to the middle we must get 1/4 of the way, but before we get 1/4 of the way we must reach 1/8 of the way, etc.

Unfolding and then folding back can happen repeatedly and yet at any moment there are only two possibilities. This obviously evident, yet redundantly important property reveals a repetitive pattern of events where time is of no importance. Instead, the focus is set to the in-between time span when folding is understood as “potentiality”. For instance, a folded sheet is not understood as an isolated, independent, or complete object but rather as a hidden, latent, or virtual potentiality to deploy.

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