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During this astonishingly frank autobiography, the Dalai Lama finds the extraordinary internal power that allowed him to grasp either the mysteries of Tibetan Buddhism and the brutal realities of chinese language Communism.

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Lflvartani• 2 that the ordinary utility of phenomena is consistent with emptiness. The same is true of the law of karma. No doubt causality and the law of karma are subjective illusions constructed by imagination. Nonetheless they exercise their respective functions with infallible regularity until such time as an unconditioned state is attained through the annihilation of imagination. Only when an unconditioned state is attained is there release from the laws of causality and karma. As we have noted for the Madhyamaka all phenomena are empty ( siinya).

He studied under Srigupta in Bhari:lgala and attained fame as a great Sviitantrika scholar. It is said thatJiianagarbha defeated opponents in debate and could recite numerous siitras from his memory. icakra. 68 The Madhyamaka master Santarak~ita is the foremost representative of the Yogaciiramadhyamaka or the Yogaciiramadhya· makasvatantrika school. It was he and his immediate disciple Kamalasila who introduced systematic Buddhist philosophy into Tibet. Santarak~ita apparently lived sometime between King Gopiila and King Dharamapala.

According to Taranatha's88 account, Buddhapalita was born in a place known as Hamsakric;la, in Tambala in the south. He renounced the world and became vastly learned in the scriptures. Buddhapalita studied under the master Samgharak~ita, a disciple of Arya Nagamitra, and learned from him the original works of Nagarjuna. It is said that he attained the highest knowledge through intense meditation and that he had a direct vision of Arya Maiijusri. He is said to have taught the doctrine at the Dantapuri monastery in the south.

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