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By Thompson, Debbie

A superb wisdom of geometry is key to luck on many standardized checks and acceptable to quite a lot of careers. Geometry luck in 20 mins an afternoon presents an intensive path in geometry abilities that may be healthy into any busy agenda.

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M∠RPM = 42° m∠MPS = ______ M R P S 42 Team-LRN – MEASURING ANGLES – 19. m∠GEO = 100° m∠GEM = 60° m∠MEO = ______ M G O E Use the following figure to answer problems 20–25. C B A D 35˚ P E 20. m∠BPC = ______ 21. m∠CPD = ______ 22. m∠EPB = ______ 23. m∠CPE = ______ 24. m∠APE = ______ 25. m∠DPE = ______ 43 Team-LRN – MEASURING ANGLES – Use the following figure for practice problems 26–29. S. Army uses a unit of angle measure called a mil. A mil is defined as ᎏ 6,4ᎏ 00 of a circle. The protractor is marked in mils.

Here are two examples of obtuse angles: 91° 170° 26 Team-LRN – TYPES OF ANGLES – Straight Angles A straight angle has a 180° measure. This is an example of a straight angle (∠ABC is a straight angle): 180˚ A B C Practice Use the following figure to answer practice problems 10–13. J K N O L M 10. Name three acute angles. 11. Name three obtuse angles. 12. Name two straight angles. 13. If ∠MON measures 27°, then ∠JOK measures ________ degrees. Complete each statement. 14. An angle with measure 90° is called a(n) __________ angle.

32 Team-LRN – WORKING WITH LINES – 11. Skew lines are __________ coplanar. 12. Skew lines __________ intersect. Angles Formed by Parallel Lines and a Transversal If a pair of parallel lines are cut by a transversal, then eight angles are formed. In the following figure, line l is parallel to line m and line t is a transversal forming angles 1–8. Angles 3, 4, 5, and 6 are inside the parallel lines and are called interior angles. Angles 1, 2, 7, and 8 are outside the parallel lines and are called exterior angles.

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