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University Geometry deals readers a deep figuring out of the elemental leads to aircraft geometry and the way they're used. Its specified assurance is helping readers grasp Euclidean geometry, in coaching for non- Euclidean geometry. concentrate on aircraft Euclidean geometry, reviewing highschool point geometry and assurance of extra complicated issues equips readers with an intensive figuring out of Euclidean geometry, wanted to be able to comprehend non-Euclidean geometry. insurance of round Geometry in guidance for creation of non-Euclidean geometry. a powerful emphasis on proofs is equipped, offered in numerous degrees of hassle and phrased within the demeanour of present-day mathematicians, aiding the reader to concentration extra on studying to do proofs via holding the fabric much less summary. For readers pursuing a occupation in arithmetic.

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If the degrees of the numerator and denominator case, are equal, then tends to a finite non-zero number, the quotient of the leading coefficients. 8. Polynomials and Rational Functions 39 To prove this assertion, we use· the technique introduced at the beginning of this section. We write the numerator as a,. x'"h(x) and the denominator as b,. x"k(x), where h(x) - 1 and k(x) - 1 as l x l - oo. x"k(x) b,. x" b,. and the conclusion follows. " I x I is large. Examples Assume x5 + 3X X5 r(x) = i � =x x + 12 x2 hence r(x) - oo as x - oo, and r(x) - - oo as x 6x2 + 7x - 3 6x2 3 2.

X". Hence for I x I very large, the graph of y = f(x) is like the graph of y = a,. x". As x ---+ oo or x ---+ - oo, it either zooms up or down, depending on the sign of a,. and (for x ---+ oo ) whether n is even or odd. - 1 . F UN CT I O NS AND G RAPHS 38 Polynomials of the form Factored Polynomials f(x) = (x - r 1 )(x - r2 ) • • • (x - r,,) are particularly easy to graph. Each r1 is a zero off(x), that is,f(r1 ) = 0. )(x - r2 ) • • • (x - r,, ) can equal 0 only if one of the factors equals 0, that is, only if x is one of the numbers r1 , r2 , .

A) The other intersection is P • (m - a,(m - a) 2 ). x (b) It coincides with (a, a2 ) when m • 2a. Fia. 3 Tangent to y = x1 at (a, a1) 62 1 . F U NCT I O N S A N D G RAPHS It meets y = xl where xl - a2 = m(x - a). This quadratic equation has two solutions. One we know in advance is x = a; divide it out: x + a = m. The other is x = m - a. It also is equal to a if and only if m = 2a. So here is our desired slope. Consequently the tangent line (Fig. 3) is • y - al = 2a(x - a), that is, }' = 2ax - a1.

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