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C. SECOND PREMOLAR Like P1, P2 (P1. 6, al, a3, bl, b3) is a typical bicuspid tooth with the same characteristics as the former, although the asymmetry of the crown is much more pronounced. This is true not only of the form, but also of the location of 1945 ~~WEIDENREICH: the cusps. In occlusal view (P1. 6, a3, b3), the distal half of the lingual surface swells consider- ably GIANT EARLY MAN 41 higher, and the- maximum height of unworn Sinanthropus premolars is greater. in the lingual direction, while the buccal to a strong, rounded tubercle just above the neck and slightly on the mesial side of the mid lin'e.

Surpasses that of all known hominids and below that fossa, that is to say, on the torus anthropoids. " The following measurements demonand at the inter-molar level. But there is a strate the differences: great and decided difference. As will be shown later, the configuration of the symphysis of THIcKNESS, ToRus MeganMALE GORILLA 1 For illustrations of the Mandible B see Fig. 8 and Pi. 8d. 1 However, this measurement gives an insufficient conception of the real dimensions, since it refers only to the middle of the body and disregards the symphyseal as well as the molar regions.

Marked relief in the chin region. There is no tuberculum marginale anterius, or any vestige of a tuberculum symphyseos, such as is suggested in the Sinanthropus mandibles and in the Heidelberg mandible (cf. P1. 7, al and bl). The mental foramen is of special interest. In contrast to the multiplicity in Sinanthropus, the Pithecanthropus Mandible B (Fig. 8a), and the Heidelberg jaw, it consists of a single opening. 5 mm. 9 mm. in the vertical one. Its size, therefore, exceeds that of modern man to a considerable degree, but it is distinctly smaller than that of male gorillas which have much larger apertures.

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